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Revel Run

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Revel Run is...

a remarkable parcel of land sitting on 150 acres between Chelsea and Dexter. The local venue is family-owned and consists of three unique entities including the event and wedding center, the biergarten, and the equestrian parkThe event and wedding center consists of two main buildings- The Overlook and The Silo. The popular wedding venue facilities each bring to the table distinctive attributes that differentiate them from each other and specialize to every bride's desires.


Below the newly finished building holding The Overlook is where The Foxhole biergarten operates. Open to the public, the biergarten strives to be more than just a bar, but a community gathering spot. With frequent food trucks and live bands, The Foxhole offers indoor and outdoor seating that gives access to the beautiful views overlooking the land. 

When visiting the venue, you can also experience the equestrian center which hosts equestrian events all through the year. Different disciplines are offered throughout these as competitors travel across the country to compete in some of Revel Run's national shows. From eventing and show jumping to western riding events, we invite you to grab a brew and take in the show. 

Join us for whatever your event may be and come to Revel in The Moment.  

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Our Story

Once upon a time...

in the sleepy little town of Plymouth, Michigan the running back of the football team fell in love with the head cheerleader.  These high school sweethearts went on to build their dreams in a magical land called Revel Run.


Jim & Darlyn Daratony’s passion for horses was developed early on. Darlyn brought her love of horses into their relationship, which was rooted in her experiences as a child at her grandparents farm in Hillsdale, MI. At the core of their passion for horses was family.  As their family grew, so did the desire to share the equestrian experience with their children. They decided to move from the city to have more room to ride. The initial search for a 20 acre piece led to the discovery of a 130 acre parcel in Dexter, MI that would enable the Daratony family to share their love for horses with the surrounding community. The property became their first equestrian facility - Cobblestone Farms, where they began hosting competitions in 2003. Weekends at horse competitions helped develop perseverance, relationships, and lifelong memories. Over the years, the desire to elevate the visibility of the sport of eventing grew, and a new opportunity was revealed. A retired golf course a few miles away became available, and the idea of galloping the fairways could become a rider’s dream come true. The 150 acre property was a wide open blank slate to develop an elite equestrian facility that could provide a grand stage for competitors. The restoration of the old barn would provide a space to host gatherings and encourage community. The construction of a new structure would allow for more space to share, celebrate and experience life’s moments. Call it fate or call it faith, there was an alignment that enabled Revel Run to become reality.


"Our story is a dream come true. Come Revel in the Moment with us!"

       -Jim & Darlyn

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