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Revel Run proudly presents The Foxhole. A biergarten located in the lower level of the main revel run building: The Overlook. 



4pm - 10pm


12pm - 10pm 


12pm - 8pm



The Foxhole Biergarten is noted for its modern rustic ambiance, creating an unique atmosphere in the lower level of Revel Run's main event building. Holding the main bar, 9 TV's and indoor fireplace along with large opening garage doors and outdoor fireplace, it is the perfect location for any winter or summer evening.

The emphasis on the 'biergarten' name represents the meaning of it dating back to the 19th century. A Biergarten involved big crowds, open spaces, and long tables where everyone shared; whether stranger or friend.

The Foxhole is a local represenation of more than just a bar, but aims to create a family-like atmoshphere through the grand opening of the Biergarten. 

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